About Hestia

Hestia Home Management stems from an idea by Monique Kolkman: “In the spring of 2016 I moved to Dishoek with my family. I quickly noticed that many of my neighbours did not live here permanently and that their houses in Dishoek were in fact their second home. Not holiday houses for rental but for their personal use. I met one of these neighbours during the last day of her holiday which was proving incredibly stressful. She needed to get the house ‘ready-to-leave’ and didn’t have enough time to do it. What an anticlimax – a great holiday ending in total stress. It is then that I thought, there has to be another way.” That is how the idea to unburden second home owners was born. To remove the hassle factor so that even the last day of their holiday is still a holiday, for everyone. To ensure that people feel happy to come to, can leave with peace of mind and know that their house and garden will be taken care of in their absence. Furthermore, be assured that it isn’t just a holiday house but a home, one they enjoy and love to be in. It is this latter part that led to Monique’s collaboration with architect and interior specialist Suzanne de Kanter. In addition to taking the burden off your shoulders, we can also provide services to make sure your holiday home feels cozy and captures the right look and feel. When you invest in a holiday HOME, don’t forget to invest in holiday TIME. That is, after all, the most important of all.

Hestia is the virgin Greek goddess of the hearth, architecture, domestic order and family life. As pure and clean as fire itself she made a house a home.