Interior Design

Be it the layout and colours or materials and furniture, your holiday home often differs significantly to your main home. Not only are you there less often and have less time to put in to it but you also use it very differently. Your holiday home is a place to


As you open the door it is pleasantly warm and welcoming. It smells wonderfully fresh and a glass of wine is there waiting for you. The house is clean and the beds are made. The shutters are open and the cover is off the pool. In short, it’s as if

Delivery Service

You have just arrived and the last thing you feel like doing is heading out again, especially not for groceries. Luckily you don’t have to; we’ve already done it for you. Choose from one of our standard grocery packs or put together your own personal shopping list and leave the


Imagine you have come away with friends and, on that first night together, you would just like to eat at home. But, after a tiring journey you do not really feel like cooking. How nice would it then be if a professional catering company called by to serve you a

To do

What are we going to do this holiday? Hestia provides its clients a complete overview, in digital format, of current events and activities in the region. Wondering where to eat tonight? We can advise our clients on where to eat in the area. We will also show you where to


Your holiday home is your private retreat, one where you should only have to pack up your things on departure and leave the rest behind. Our professional team of cleaners make sure your home is spick and span, just the way you want it. We make sure we have detailed


Do you have a long journey ahead of you after your stay? Then you will be wanting to get on the road well rested. After a good night’s sleep in your own bed you can leave early with peace of mind. Leave the bedding and towels just where are they

Rubbish Containers

Wouldn’t it be such a good coincidence if the rubbish containers just so happened to be emptied on your day of departure? Should luck not be on your side, you may well have the fortune of helpful neighbours ready to take care of this for you. However if this is


When it has been some time since you last came back to your holiday home you often have to plough through the piles of mail, junk mail, leaflets and neighbourhood newspapers just to get through the door. Ideally you would throw it all away in one go but there may

Closed Down

You are going to be away from your holiday house again for a while so you want to leave it in good order: refrigerator empty and switched off, cover on the pool, jacuzzi clean, shutters closed, you name it. We take all of this out of your hands and ensure