When it has been some time since you last came back to your holiday home you often have to plough through the piles of mail, junk mail, leaflets and neighbourhood newspapers just to get through the door. Ideally you would throw it all away in one go but there may


You are once again looking forward to seeing the glorious expanse of Zeeland with its beautiful nature and the greenery that surrounds your home. But nature doesn’t sit still whilst you are away and needs to be maintained every now and then. Hestia therefore ensures that your garden receives the


It is always handy if someone else has a spare key to your holiday house. But you do of course want this key to be in good, trustworthy hands and to be kept in a safe place. We look after your key as if it is the key to our


With owning a home comes maintenance. Even with a ‘low-maintenance’ house there are still some parts that need to be checked on a regular basis. Central heating systems need an annual service, gutters have to be cleaned out, a lick of paint may be needed here and there and then