As you open the door it is pleasantly warm and welcoming. It smells wonderfully fresh and a glass of wine is there waiting for you. The house is clean and the beds are made. The shutters are open and the cover is off the pool. In short, it’s as if

Delivery Service

You have just arrived and the last thing you feel like doing is heading out again, especially not for groceries. Luckily you don’t have to; we’ve already done it for you. Choose from one of our standard grocery packs or put together your own personal shopping list and leave the


Imagine you have come away with friends and, on that first night together, you would just like to eat at home. But, after a tiring journey you do not really feel like cooking. How nice would it then be if a professional catering company called by to serve you a

To do

What are we going to do this holiday? Hestia provides its clients a complete overview, in digital format, of current events and activities in the region. Wondering where to eat tonight? We can advise our clients on where to eat in the area. We will also show you where to