Interior Design

Be it the layout and colours or materials and furniture, your holiday home often differs significantly to your main home. Not only are you there less often and have less time to put in to it but you also use it very differently. Your holiday home is a place to


Sometimes your holiday home, as it is, does not quite meet your requirements resulting in the need to renovate. This may be internal renovations such as a change to the interior layout or a new kitchen or bathroom. Sometimes an extension is necessary to gain that extra space. Hestia can


You are very happy with your holiday home but are just missing that lovely holiday feel to it. Styling is just the solution you need. Choose from our three ‘holiday-feel’ styles: country lifestyle, maritime home or soothing zen. Our accessory packs allow you to create just the right atmosphere for

Special events

What could be better than spending Christmas at your holiday home in Zeeland? How about a house that is already decorated ready for Christmas when you arrive! Hestia offers exclusive Christmas decorating to make your home entirely festive. From the Christmas tree to the table decorations, everything just as you