With owning a home comes maintenance. Even with a ‘low-maintenance’ house there are still some parts that need to be checked on a regular basis. Central heating systems need an annual service, gutters have to be cleaned out, a lick of paint may be needed here and there and then there is that handrail that has come loose – you name it. You can take care of some things of course during your stay but there will always be some maintenance that you would rather outsource or just don’t feel like doing during your stay. So if you do not want to do it yourself how do you find the right people to take on these jobs for you. From installations to building maintenance we put the right professionals in place for each particular requirement and ensure that they have access to the property. Furthermore, we also make sure that your house is left neat and tidy afterwards and that all work has been carried out correctly. You don’t need to give it a second thought. You can specify yourself exactly what needs to take place or we can also carry out regular maintenance inspections of your home maintenance and report back. Whatever you prefer: maintenance that is made to measure.