Leave Home

After a wonderful holiday in your own house in Zeeland, the time has come to head home again. It’s your final day and the weather is lovely weather. You want to make the most of it and enjoy one more day of sun, sea and sand. Following a delicious lunch on the beach, soaking up the sun on the terrace, you head back to your house for a shower before embarking upon the return trip. Suitcases in the car and Hestia does the rest. We clean your house, do the laundry, clear out the fridge and remove perishables. In short, we make your home ready for your next visit. We take the work load, nuisance and planning out of your hands to ensure that your last day is not an anticlimax or a stressful end to a wonderful holiday. Enjoy that 100% holiday feeling right up until you get home again. Simply because you can.

Your holiday home is your private retreat, one where you should only have to pack up your things on departure and leave the rest behind. Our professional team of cleaners make sure your home is spick and span, just the way you want it. We make sure we have detailed instructions from you so your home is just how like you it, after all, a clean home is a very personal experience. Cleaning tailored to your requirements.

Do you have a long journey ahead of you after your stay? Then you will be wanting to get on the road well rested. After a good night's sleep in your own bed you can leave early with peace of mind. Leave the bedding and towels just where are they are and let us take care of them. We will make sure everything is washed and refreshed ready for your next visit.

Wouldn’t it be such a good coincidence if the rubbish containers just so happened to be emptied on your day of departure? Should luck not be on your side, you may well have the fortune of helpful neighbours ready to take care of this for you. However if this is not the case or you would rather not burden someone else with the task, then we will gladly do it for you. No problem at all.

You are going to be away from your holiday house again for a while so you want to leave it in good order: refrigerator empty and switched off, cover on the pool, jacuzzi clean, shutters closed, you name it. We take all of this out of your hands and ensure that pests and undesired people have nothing to find or try and find during the ‘closed down’ period.