Your Home

The very nature and beauty of sunny Zeeland is what invites you to a enjoy relaxing holiday. And inviting is what your holiday house should also be. Sometimes there just is not enough time, energy or inspiration to make your house into a cozy second home. Maybe you are not sure what you should change and could do with a helping hand. Hestia’s architect and interior specialist Suzanne de Kanter is just who you need. She brings a unique perspective and fresh set of eyes to the interior and can often, with just a few simple amendments, create atmosphere and warmth. Whether you prefer country, coastal, soothing zen or have your own style, Hestia creates the look and feel you want to achieve. And should you want to change more than just the interior, we also have the in-house expertise to help develop your ideal holiday home. We provide clear and detailed renovation plans and are on hand to manage the process from concept to completion. Carefree enjoyment in a warm holiday atmosphere: Your house becomes your home with Hestia Home Management.

Be it the layout and colours or materials and furniture, your holiday home often differs significantly to your main home. Not only are you there less often and have less time to put in to it but you also use it very differently. Your holiday home is a place to enjoy periods of free time with family and friends and therefore requires a different set up to what you have at home. However, a lack of time, inspiration or knowing what to do with it can mean you end up not being happy with it. Hestia can help you with this dilemma by mapping out interior wishes and designing the interior that achieves what you need: suggestions for the layout, colours, materials and furniture. Plus there is always the option of letting Hestia take care of implementing it all for you, meaning next time you stay you will feel so at home that you will not want to leave.

Sometimes your holiday home, as it is, does not quite meet your requirements resulting in the need to renovate. This may be internal renovations such as a change to the interior layout or a new kitchen or bathroom. Sometimes an extension is necessary to gain that extra space. Hestia can take a fresh, clear and well trained look at your home and create an original design that works specifically for your property. From design to implementation, we take care of the entire renovation process so that you don’t have to give it a second thought. We work with you to select the appropriate materials in order to create your ultimate holiday feel. A holiday home that you just love.

You are very happy with your holiday home but are just missing that lovely holiday feel to it. Styling is just the solution you need. Choose from our three ‘holiday-feel’ styles: country lifestyle, maritime home or soothing zen. Our accessory packs allow you to create just the right atmosphere for your home and with the guidelines and example ideas supplied, you have everything you need to help to get you started. If you would rather hand the styling over to a professional, no problem at all thanks to our bespoke styling service. Country lifestyle | Maritime | Zen.

What could be better than spending Christmas at your holiday home in Zeeland? How about a house that is already decorated ready for Christmas when you arrive! Hestia offers exclusive Christmas decorating to make your home entirely festive. From the Christmas tree to the table decorations, everything just as you want it. We provide everything needed to create that festive look and feel and take it all away again after your stay meaning you also don’t need to store all the Christmas bits. Not only do you save a lot of storage space but it also means you can have a different and fresh Christmas-look every year. Your holiday home is also the ideal place to celebrate special events; a wedding, birthday, you name it. Hestia is on hand to turn your holiday house in to the perfect party house with exclusive party decorating styled to your specific requirements. As exuberant or understated as you would like. We can even organise the whole party if needed including the catering. A party never to be forgotten, in your own home.