Special events

What could be better than spending Christmas at your holiday home in Zeeland? How about a house that is already decorated ready for Christmas when you arrive! Hestia offers exclusive Christmas decorating to make your home entirely festive. From the Christmas tree to the table decorations, everything just as you want it. We provide everything needed to create that festive look and feel and take it all away again after your stay meaning you also don’t need to store all the Christmas bits. Not only do you save a lot of storage space but it also means you can have a different and fresh Christmas-look every year. Your holiday home is also the ideal place to celebrate special events; a wedding, birthday, you name it. Hestia is on hand to turn your holiday house in to the perfect party house with exclusive party decorating styled to your specific requirements. As exuberant or understated as you would like. We can even organise the whole party if needed including the catering. A party never to be forgotten, in your own home.